Ready, Set , Go!

The Workplace of the Future is not a place; it's the experience of a seamless convergence of technologies, people and processes. It's how you integrate collaborative technology to drive innovation, hone your competitive edge and enhance performance now and into the future.

So where to start?

1 Identify

Define success.

3 Design

Strategize workflows.

Identify business needs.

Each organization has unique needs and objectives, so ask yourself:

What is the business is trying to achieve?

What outcomes do we want?

What does success look like for us?

What will differentiate us from our competition?

Assess your readiness.

How ready are your network, user population and business processes? The most successful collaboration solution will be the one that is customized and aligned to match your work processes and culture. Consider:

What technologies do we have?

Who are the target users and what’s their ideal experience?

What business use cases do we want to enable?

Design your solution.

How will your solution work in your environment to deliver expected business outcomes? Think about how to:

Translate business goals into technical requirements

Integrate the new solution into your existing environment

Integrate the solution into existing workflows and business processes

4 Deploy

Install and train.

Deploy the solution.

To maximize the benefits to your business you need to gather the expertise to ensure rapid adoption and success. Plan for:

Strong project management

A thorough migration and integration plan to existing systems (e.g. UC, SFDC, Brass Ring)

How to train employees on the new workflows and collaborative culture