The Workplace of The Future

The amazing potential of collaboration is transforming everything about the way we do business. Together, we're enabling a workforce that can connect, share and collaborate from any location with anyone, anywhere.
Welcome to the Workplace of the Future. Are you ready?

Changing World of Work

We surveyed 25,000+ in 12 countries across the globe to understand today’s preferred working practices.

The results reveal the main benefits and challenges for employers and employees when it comes to adopting a flexible working culture. 

While results vary by country, three key trends remain constant across the board.


Work from anywhere. The new normal.

Flexible working has moved beyond the option to work from the office or from home, to being able to work from anywhere.


Experience the Power of Human Collaboration

See how innovative solutions from Polycom help you unleash the power of human collaboration across any distance, device or timeline to help you not only save costs and meet your company objectives, but to create a true Workplace of the Future today.